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We have the credentials of more than six decades in business…

Van's Sewer and Septic Service has been in business for over 60 years. Originally started as a septic cleaning service, the business has grown to offer many other services related to Septic, Sewer, Storm Water Drainage and even Grease Recovery and Disposal.


On the Septic side, Van's provides basic Septic Service, System Analysis and Septic System Repair. If a new Septic System is what you need, Van's is at your service with fresh installations of custom systems to fit your needs.

However, there comes a time when your Septic System has finally failed and it is time to connect with the City Sewer Line. Van's can Safely clean up and fill in your old system and connect you to the City Sewer Line at a reasonable price.

Another facet of Van's services is Storm Water Drainage Systems. It is important to keep excess ground water from seeping in and filling up your Septic System. Van's can install a drainage system that will direct excess Storm Water away from your Septic System, while still leaving ground water for your well to insure maximum life.

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For Restaurateurs or Food Service Providers of any type, Van's provides Health Department Certified removal of Brown and Yellow Grease from your frialator or interceptors. Van's can set up a Routine Quarterly Maintenance plans and service any of your equipment as needed as well. The Health Department is establishing strict new guidelines for Grease Disposal in 2011. Why not have the peace of mind you are in compliance and go with Van's Brown and Yellow Grease Removal?

No pushy sales men, all work estimated up front, satisfaction guaranteed. Go with Van's!

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